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About Free Word Counter Tool

Word Count Tool is a site that gives you a word count for your text. But wait! If you think that's in it, we've got a treat for you. Word Counting Tool isn't just your typical online word counter despite the site's name. It has some great features in its word counter and offers many other valuable tools that writers can have at hand. And if that's not amazing enough, Word Count Tool has a blog. We write about writing at Word Count Tool and absolutely love it! As authors, we want to help other authors and help them on their journey to creating the next bestseller. That's why we created this guide to help you get the best experience on our site. Let's dive right in!

Features of our word counter

The word count tool is relatively easy to use. You can type your text directly into the box. Or, if you used a word processor or online tool, such as Google Docs, to write your piece, you can copy and paste it into the text box.

Now word count tool is more than just a simple word counter. It has a lot to offer. And we'll tackle each excellent feature category by category.

The counter on word count tool

Above the tabs, you will see five boxes with their respective labels. These are counters. As you might expect, the first box will show you the word count for the pasted text. The following two boxes feature the character count of the text; one accounts for spaces and the other without. To the right of this, you will have a sentence count. Now, you should notice that the sentence counter determines a sentence by the presence of an ending punctuation mark. So if you copy and paste an article with all the headings present, the site won't count them as sentences. It will treat that section title and first line as a sentence.

Additionally, if the entire text has no end punctuation, the counter will display a number instead of zero in the sentence counter. Finally, you get the paragraph count. How it works is that it will identify a piece of text as a paragraph by the presence of a break in between.

Sound frequency counter

Move to the right of the text box, and you will see the word frequency counter. It includes a fun little way to play with the data. The word frequency counter lists all the words used in the text and counts the number of times they appear and the percentage of the text. Now, why should you even know this information? Well, besides telling you what words you usually use in your writing style, it can also be helpful for SEO purposes. This will show you how often you've mentioned specific keywords in your text. This way, you can determine whether your keyword usage in the article was excessive or insufficient. And, sure, you can adjust accordingly to optimize your work better.

Flesh reading scores and text readability

You'll see two lines below the text box at the bottom. The first line is labeled Flash Reading Score, while the second is labeled Reading Time. As you can probably tell, reading time will estimate how long it would take an average person to read the text. This is an adorable feature when writing a speech because you often can't tell how long it's already been until you practice reciting it out loud. This system will help you save time while creating your speech so you can cut or add accordingly.

Another thing that can affect reading time is readability. Flesh Reading Ease is a tool to help you determine this. But simply put, the higher the Flesh Reading score, the easier it is to read.

Count converting words per page

Finally, check out the Flesh reading scores and reading times below. You will get Word Count Per Page Converter. This will allow you to know the total number of pages your article occupies based on the font and spacing used and, of course, the word count. This little tool is perfect for assignments where your instructor only needs the minimum or maximum pages.

More about word count

We're all about word count with a name like Word Count Tool. In addition to our word counter, we publish many works discussing word counting. Now, how many word counts can you write? Well, you will be surprised! We have articles about word count in various texts and books and even word count conversions on pages. Our blog also offers handy and helpful guides that tell you where to find word counters in different word processors. We can't get enough of the word count, and you should. Here's a look at what you can expect when browsing our archives. And hopefully, it will help you get as excited about word counting as we are.