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About Free Robots.txt Generator Tool

A Guide for Robots.Txt Crawlers - 

Robots.txt is a file that provides instructions for crawling a website. This is also known as the Robot Exclusion Protocol, and sites use this standard to tell bots which parts of their website need indexing. Also, you can specify any areas you don't show to be processed by this crawler; Such sites contain or develop duplicate content. Bots like malware detectors and email harvesters do not follow this standard and will scan for your security vulnerabilities. There's a good chance they'll start checking your site from areas you don't want to be indexed.

A complete Robots.txt file consists of "user-agent," and below it, you can write other directives like "allow," "deny," "crawl-delay," etc. If written manually, it can take a lot of time. You can enter multiple line commands in a file. If you exclude a page, you need to enter "Deny: link that you don't want bots to see" This also goes for Allow feature. If you think it's all in the robots.txt file, it's not accessible; One wrong line can drop your page from the indexation queue. So, it's better to leave the job to professionals and let our Robots.txt generator take care of the file for you.

What is Robot Txt in SEO?

Did you know that this small file is a way to unlock better ranks for your website?

The first file that search engine bots see is the robot's txt file; If it is not available, there is a huge possibility that the crawlers will not index all the pages of your site. This tiny file can be changed later when you add more pages with little directives, but make sure you don't count the main page in the disallow directive. Google runs on a crawling budget; This budget is based on a crawl limit. A crawl limit is the amount of time a crawler spends on a website, but if Google knows that crawling your site is disrupting the user experience, it will crawl the site more slowly. This slowness means that each time Google sends a spider, it will only check a few pages of your site and take time to index your most recent post. To remove this restriction, your website needs a sitemap and a robots.txt file. These files will speed up the process by telling them which links on your site need more attention.

Since every bot has a crawl quote for a website, having the best robot file for a WordPress website is a must. The reason is that it contains many pages that do not need to be indexed. You can even create a WP Robot txt file with our tools. Also, if you don't have a robot txt file, crawlers will still index your website; If it's a blog and doesn't have many pages, it's not necessary.

The purpose of the instructions in a Robots.Txt file

If you create the file manually, you need to be aware of the directives used in the file. You can even modify the file after learning how this file works.

Crawl-delay This directive is used to prevent crawlers from overloading the host; Too many requests can overload the server, resulting in a poor user experience. Crawl delay is treated differently by different search engine bots; Bing, Google, and Yandex use this directive in different ways. For Yandex, it's a wait between successive visits; For Bing, this is like a time window where the bot will only visit the site once; And for Google, you can use Search Console to control bots' visits.

The allow directive is used to enable indexing of the following URLs. You can add as multiple URLs as you want, especially if it's a shopping site, so your list can grow. However, only use robot files if your site contains pages you don't want to be indexed.

Denial: The primary purpose of a robot file is to prevent crawlers from visiting links, directories, etc. But these directories are accessed by other bots that need to check for malware because they don't cooperate with the standard.

The difference between a sitemap and a Robot.Txt file

A sitemap is important for websites as it contains valuable information for search engines. A sitemap tells how often you update your website and what kind of content your site provides. Its primary purpose is to inform search engines of all the pages on your site that need to be crawled, whereas the robotics txt file is for crawlers. It tells the crawlers which pages to crawl and which not to. Indexing your site requires a sitemap, not text for a robot (unless you have pages that don't need to be indexed).